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All Bath Bombs Are Not Created Equally

Sometimes bigger is better!

Wholesome Soap Bath Bombs are on the bigger size. We use 6 oz. molds that are densely packed with skin loving ingredients! And of course they smell amazing!

The average bath bomb usually weighs 4.5 to 5 oz. while a Wholesome Soap Bath Bomb comes in at a whopping 6 + oz.!

That means more skin loving benefits and glorious fragrance filling up your entire bathroom for hours after (trust us, it's true. We test each and every bath bomb around here)!

While we love the pop of color each bath bomb provides, along with a knock out fizzy show, you won't find our bath bombs so overly saturated that they leave a mess behind in the tub for you to clean up.

We add just a touch of Polysorbate 80 (which is an emulsifier) to ensure that the butters disperse more evenly and that the micas do not cling to the side of the tub!

To compare and contrast Bath Bomb sizes, the Rose Quartz 6 oz. example is on the left, while a smaller 4.5 oz Wildflower Honey is on the right.